With individuals who would not otherwise encounter a Biblical message of Jesus Christ. A high percentage of those deciding to become followers of Christ though the efforts of students and staff in Chi Alpha have had no previous exposure to the Gospel of Jesus or a Christian church.

Our world's most influential institution, the college and university campus. The social, scientific, and spiritual theories of today's campuses will become the accepted norm for tomorrow's grade schools, businesses and television programs. What America is and what it will become is directly related to what happens on its university campuses. As a nation's campuses go, so goes the future of the nation.

The investment that the Church has made in our youth. An education at a Bible or Christian College is a great choice for many students. However, a significantly higher number of Christian youth will attend a secular college or university. The Church invests too much time, money and prayer in its youth to not protect and empower that investment during the critical transitions from home to campus and the campus to the marketplace.


The thousands of international students studying in the United States. Historically, we see an increase in the blessing of God when we focus on reaching the peoples of the world. George Barna says international student ministry is an "opportunity of a lifetime." International students speak English, want to make American friends, and want to learn about our culture and our religion. These students are at our doorstep.


International Impact
Jesus deserves to get what he paid for. His great commission mandated that the authentic believer reaches out and disciples people of all nations. Asa student faith movement we are committed to reach and disciple students on our campuses. Each of our gatherings are designed to fulfill this high call in Christ for us.

Students from over 60 different nations come to study each year on our campuses, many of which live in closed countries that will not receive missionaries. While serving our campuses through the years, the Lord has assigned us amazing opportunites to impact the nations on Our campuses and across the globe in three strategic ways.

1. With compassion and a passion to reach out to our international friends on campus, students from several nations of the world have committed their lives to Christ

2. Every year we take several teams of our college students overseas to serve alongside full-time world missionaries in the unreached nations of the 10/40 Window.

3. Every year two or more graduates have decided to give their lives full-time to missions using their degree as a tool to enter and minister to unreached areas of the world.